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Love Banishes Fear


Aspects of being a human spirit in a material body

All life is sacred.

 In the Book of Genesis, there are stories of Creation. First, spirits/souls are created in the image of the Creator. Then, a body is formed from the dust of the Earth and Life is breathed into it. Later, there is a separation into male and female.

Separation is but an illusion. We are all one. And we are never alone.

We are all part of Creation. This Universe we live in is part of Creation. We are all, therefore, part of the Creator, for Creation and Creator are one. And since the One who oversees this Universe, is the One we call God, we are also part of God. Some do not believe there is a "God". Yet, in denying a deity, the idea of Divinity is acknowledged. Perhaps, some deny a god made up by others or separate from themselves. Or the image of the divine some proclaim is betrayed by ones claiming belief or the image itself is unbelievable. Some simply will not believe in a deity invented to keep people in line through fear. And some will not accept a god who gives us free will on one hand and appears to interfere on the other. Some may not have a personal deity, preferring to focus on an Ideal, such as Beauty, or Love.  


Some say there is only one God, by whatever name. However, differences between humanity and divinity are often the focus, obscuring God’s true nature. For instance, Hebrews, Moslems and Christians allegedly share the same One God but see Him and His ways differently. Practitioners of all three have beliefs and tenets at odds with a God Who is Love. Some hold “an eye for an eye”, while others may teach “forgiveness” and profess love for all, yet engage in bias. Some believe there are many gods, each overseeing an aspect of daily life. The ancient Egyptians had many gods, while some also believed Ra to be the One God. The Greeks and Romans had quite a few gods, each with a main god, known as Zeus and Jupiter, respectively. The Hindu have three equal aspects of a Supreme Reality, a Trinity. Brahma, the Creator, is responsible for Creation. Vishnu, Keeper of Creation, maintains the Welfare of all. Shiva, together with his other half, Shakti, is responsible for dissolution and recreation. All three work together, assisted by other devs and devas, keeping the world running smoothly. It is said there are 330 million gods, a number which represents each one of us.i

Indigenous Americans honor the Creator, called Gitchi [Kitchi] Manitou, Bactamo, Kishlamakong, etc., plus all the manitou who help keep Creation flowing in harmony. Gratitude is daily expressed for blessings received and Mother Earth is honored. Humans’ caretaker responsibility is recognized, along with preserving Earth’s resources for the generations to come. Physical separation from "civilization" until the 15th century, may make remembering our spiritual nature easier than it is for many who have long been 'blessed' with the benefits of civilization. Sadly, many now are also in danger of forgetting.  

Some think we are all gods, or gods in the making, since we are all part of God and the Creator.

Which point of view is true? Is it possible they all are? Or, that all viewpoints have some basis in Truth?

And what of the God Who is Love?

 Throughout history, there have been all kinds of disputes about the various aspects of divine nature. Perhaps, it’s time to focus on the aspects on which we agree and which are beneficial to us and our destiny. It’s time to get to know God.


he Mayan tell us 2012 is the end of the 5th Age, the Age of Movement - Duality, characterized by polar opposites: good/bad; positive/negative; war/peace; individuality/oneness. It is the start of the 6th Age, the Spirit of Living Things - Awareness - the beginning of Oneness. The Mayan 7th Age is to be the Place of Melting into One - return to original oneness. As we transition into the 6th Age, dualities are slipping away. Either/or is no longer the dominate condition. We are more open to coexisting with each other, to allowing each other to be ourselves; to follow our hearts as the rising energy levels on the Earth Star makes it easier for this to occur. As we develop "new" traits and abilities, we are seeing things in a new light, seeing the light.   To those who would control humans for their own purposes, 2012 is to be the end of Earth, Terra. The shadow riders would have us forget it is a beginning. Various opposing religious, political and economical beliefs have been promoted, fostering discord, conflict and fear to keep humans off balance and in servitude in order to support their very existence, as well as satisfy their greed and lust for power. The dark cannot support itself. It is a parasite, a contagion, living off fear. War is promoted to set up imbalances. During Aries, the Age of Warfare, 2160 to 60 BCE, people were controlled with blood. This continued into the Piscean age with mass warfare and blood spilling replacing women's blood rites to fertilize the earth. Those fighting wars are trained to forget their humanity. They may feel alienated and be difficult to live with, even with themselves.  Material greed combined with the looting of natural resources without consideration for the environmental impact of what we do is one of the downfalls of our current civilization. Control, however, is an illusion. Nothing happens to us unless we allow it. And we have allowed it.

We must change our ways.  

The Golden NOW

This is the turning point in our existence here.  Life is changing dramatically on planet Earth. For one, our experience of time is changing. In 3D, we move linearly through time and space. Things happen one after another, in a single time line, with our eye ever on the clock. We have even allowed ourselves to be controlled by the clock.

Time, however, is more like a string held up so that it hangs as a single strand which is then dropped. The resulting circular criss-crossing mass with multiple intersections  is a more useful image of time than the illusion of linear time.
As Earth moves into the Golden NOW, we live in the present. We continue to notice the movement of Earth in relation to the Sun and the Moon, with sunrises and sunsets, but clocks don't matter. 

To enter the Golden NOW we must let go of fear and all that is fear based: war, anger, greed, jealousy, hate, violence, anxiety, stress, etc. We must also live without illusions to remain with Earth. We must be one with our multi-dimensional and multi-tasking Soul.   For more information on this, see the God Books on

Who we are

Some of us think we are bodies, with souls or not. Others think we are souls having yet another physical experience. Either way, how do we know this? 

We can see and/or feel the body and recognize its needs. We are also sometimes aware of, and communicate with, others, some like ourselves, some quite unlike ourselves.

Many of us have observed there is something present in a living body which is absent in a dead body, like a house whose owner has moved away.

 And we have learned certain ideas from those who have walked this way before us.

From the Hebrews, we learn of I am that I am. Moses showed us the Law, David Love, Daniel dream interpretation, and Ezekiel and John that we can see things not yet familiar.

Jesus of Nazareth called God "Father", saying "I and the Father are one." He meditated daily for hours and encouraged us to do the same. He said he came to show the way, to clear a path, which he did with his wife, Mary. Mary is so feared by the shadow riders that they have spread atrocious lies about her to vilify all women.
Jesus raised his frequencies, becoming light, in an event labeled the "Transfiguration", to show his friends, and us, this is what we all are. 

Jesus said there are two great commandments: “Love God with all your heart" and "Love your neighbor as you love yourself." Do unto others as you would have God do unto you. 

The Greek philosophers Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates have all contributed to our knowledge of ourselves.


To see God is to become God

What is it that we call "seeing"?  A simple definition is that we look at things with our eyes, and images are transmitted to the brain via nerve impulses. We see everything in our field of vision. What we notice is up to us.

How do the blind "see"? One way is to pick up the vibrations of objects with another part of the body, such as with the hand, and, with practice, the brain learns to recognize objects and frequencies.

How do we see with our eyes shut, such as in our dreams? With our third eye. In our imagination. Where is imagination located?  In the mind? The Soul?


And what is it that we call "feeling"? The body’s skin and organs, or more precisely, the nerves of the skin and organs record physical sensations, such as heat, pressure, soft, rough, smooth; sweet, bitter; aromas; pain, pleasure, etc., sending electrical signals to the brain which translates these for us to process.


The heart is said to be seat of the Soul. How do our hearts "feel"? How do we recognize anger, dread, fear, heavy, light, love, relaxed or satisfied? These feelings may be expressed in various ways in different parts of the body but where do these come from?

Our thoughts may trigger the body's endocrine centers, e.g., the adrenals, heart, thyroid, etc., which correspond to our chakras. These glands release chemicals, called hormones, which affect other endocrine centers and organs in the body. The endocrine centers/chakras are the connectors between the body and the Soul, and emotions occur at these connections. Our reactions to these hormones can be identified as specific feelings.

Not all feelings, however, are emotional.

And is the heart the seat of the Soul?  When I first heard this, I felt that it was not true so I asked Soul self if She resided in my heart. Soul replied that Her connection was then in my thyroid area, the I Will chakra. This, however, changed with the healing of my heart. Soul now dwells in my heart for the core of frozen anger has been released and is gone.


Feelings also result directly from thoughts, without or prior to generating hormonal reaction. Memories also trigger feelings. And feelings can be implanted. E.g., we may have a sense of well being, of peace without any preceding thought.


How do we remember images, feelings and sensations? Where is memory located? Physically, in the brain; emotionally, in the heart; mentally, in the mind; spiritually, in the Soul. We do not remember pain. We remember that we felt pain but not what it felt like. 



Where do thoughts originate? How do we “remember” what we have not consciously experienced?  What is "it" that knows?

Some say it is the mind, that the mind makes sense of the data stored in our brains, using it to create new associations and images. Knowing, however, is not limited to the mind and all data is not stored in the brain.

What we call our conscious mind is the body’s mind, a delicate tool that comes with the body and knows only what we have taught it. The intellect [a logical processor] and the ego are parts of this mind trained by us to protect us. Subliminal messages from the media and others are planted in the mind. Video games can dull and eventually block the "caring" sensors within the conscious mind. The roots of our fears and insecurities lie in the deep recesses of the mind and it is up to us to extract them.

Our Soul knows best but if we “lose” our Soul connection to our self, our conscious mind then controls our heart instead of our heart and mind working together.

The Soul, which pre-exists the body, has its own knowledge independent of physical input. Knowledge is passed from the super conscious mind, filtered through the subconscious to the conscious mind.


So what are thoughts?  Thoughts are things, expressed as light, images, and sounds. Most have heard "A picture is worth a thousand words." A thousand words can be a picture. Thoughts are not basically words but may be translated into words for the conscious mind to grasp and understand. We can and do process thoughts without verbalizing them, such as when using sign language. We communicate through art and music this way. And this is how we communicate with our spirit advisors and God.

Thoughts always influence matter. Thoughts can and do alter the chemical properties of matter.


Telepathy: language of Light

Thoughts are most commonly transmitted through telepathy, even when spoken as words. Thoughts travel much faster than sound. In the NOW, there is an increasing use of telepathy on Earth, where it has not been commonly used up to now primarily because we believe that we cannot. What we believe limits what we can do. Or not.

Telepathy avoids misunderstandings due to differences in languages as understood by individuals. It is much easier to detect the truth telepathically, providing we are "clear channels".

Telepathy, however, in the physical, must be used ethically. While it is true there are no secrets, one should not willy nilly reveal the inner thoughts of another who expects privacy. Ethical people commonly refrain from acknowledging the private thoughts of another until the other indicates a readiness to "'go public". In families where telepathy is used, one may not "know" what another is thinking until they begin to speak it. Then, everyone knows what is being said and the sentence may be left unfinished as the next person begins to say what s/he is thinking, and so on. This speaking in unfinished sentences is a precaution in a world where telepathy is not recognized and using it has, at times, been hazardous to one's health, as there is no need to speak when using telepathy. We can also communicate with our self in unfinished sentences, cutting down on mind chatter.

Communicating telepathically does not mean we stop speaking, for there is beauty and comfort in the spoken word. We all like to hear "I'm glad to see you", "I love you", etc. And we sometimes need to be brought into the present when we are off wandering among the stars. It is useful to hear things said when we are figuring something out. And we love to hear singing.



It is the prerogative of Soul to make choices.  Our Souls have created us with our personalities to make these decisions, in accord with Soul's purpose, in the physical, the material world. However, if we are not listening to Soul, ego may fill the vacuum and we may have difficulty telling the difference.


What does it mean to "hear" our Soul or higher self?  Does it mean we have a voice in our head speaking to us in our native tongue? If we do, it may be our conscious mind. Some of us have a steady stream of mind chatter, much like running the TV or radio all day. Soul, however, communicates telepathically, giving us ideas expressed as whole thoughts and volumes, usually without words. These can feel like promptings, hunches, desires or premonitions. Mind chatter may interfere with their reception.

What Soul communicates to our conscious mind is usually consistent with common sense. Soul does not wish us to be hurt or harmed in any way. Any suffering involved with processing karma is usually strictly emotional, which indicates that we need to learn how to handle it. Most karmic processing involves letting go of emotions, habits and patterns we are holding onto from other experiences. Soul has created us, loves us, wishes us to succeed and helps us in doing so.


It is the ego, part of the intellect, which criticizes us and points out our faults and short comings. Ego knows it is mortal, recognizes threats to itself, and will lie to us for its own self preservation. Failure to recognize this can be a major stumbling block.



God speaks with us all. Individually. As infants, we hear him clearly. As we grow up, however, we sometimes become hard of hearing or develop selective hearing as we choose, instead, to listen to others who may no longer remember who they are, where they come from or why they are here. In school, we are trained to conform to the dominant way of thinking and we comply in order to "succeed" and “avoid trouble". We allow ourselves to be brain washed by a media controlled by those wishing to dominate us for their own purposes.


How do we train our conscious mind to "hear" and recognize our Soul voice, the voices of our spirit advisors, and God's voice?  Daily meditation is one way. 


As we watch TV, focusing on the screen, the mind quiets, and soon we are in alpha state, being brain washed by the producers and the advertisers.

We notice our breath coming in and going out all by itself, without any help from us, and soon we feel relaxed.

We run, putting one foot in front of the other, meter after meter, mile after mile, and eventually reach a runner's high where all is right with our world.

We drive along a limited access highway, and are suddenly aware we are at our exit, not remembering how we got there.

If you have experienced any of the above, you can easily meditate.



Meditation is quieting the mind so we learn to "hear" our Soul. There are many methods. One is to consciously focus on a repeating “mantra", often chosen in accord with our ideal and/or our religious beliefs. This "mantra" can be a few words or sentences. It should hold our attention and be short enough to remember. We can change the mantra regularly or use the same one for a long period of time. Some examples are: God is Love; Om Nama Shivai; Not my will but Thine be done O Lord, in and through me, that I may be a channel of Your blessings to others.


After choosing a "mantra", the next step is to select a place to use regularly. It should be clean, reasonably comfortable, and free from distractions and interruptions. Pick a regular daily time period of about 15 to 20 minutes. In the beginning, you may wish to have a time piece which you can easily see without moving from where you sit. Using an alarm is not a good idea and be cautious about having someone else tell you when 15 minutes has passed. Being jolted out of meditation can be unpleasant.


Now we are ready to begin. Sit comfortably, with hands in your lap and feet on the floor. Ankles may be crossed if desired. In the beginning, any discomfort will be a distraction, so be comfortable. Eventually, we learn comfort is a state of mind and it won't matter. It may be easier if your eyes are closed.

Begin the meditation by protecting yourself from all outside influences. This can be done by mentally placing oneself in the presence of the Divine, surrounding oneself with Divine Light [the White Light, the Christed Light] and Love, forbidding anyone not of the Christed Light from approaching, and affirming that all is in Divine Order. And mean it.

The next step is to relax. An easy way to relax is to simply watch our self breath in and out, without trying to control the breath. We can also breathe in through one nostril and out the other, alternating each nostril three times. Another means of relaxing is to do the head and neck exercises recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings, which not only relax the upper part of the body but also improve blood flow to the brain and the optic nerve, and can result in improved eyesight.

As you feel yourself begin to relax, tell yourself to relax even more. Tell yourself your intention, your reason for meditating, in your own words. This may be to tune in to or "hear" your Soul and/or your higher self and/or God, etc. Then, begin saying the mantra in your mind, slowly and deliberately, repeatedly.

Other thoughts may enter your mind. Let them flow through without giving them any attention. If some thought persists, however, it may be better to acknowledge it, consciously decide to deal with it later, let it go and return to focusing on reciting the mantra.  As you continue mentally reciting the mantra, the natural sounds around you may become more noticeable, then fade away as you enter a zone where you do not hear outside sounds. You may notice sensations in the body. The body may straighten itself and/or the chakras may align themselves.

You may lose all sense of time. If you think enough time has passed, take a quick peak at your time piece while continuing to recite your mantra and return to meditating. You may "leave" your physical space. This is ok. You will return.

One should not end meditating abruptly. When you feel you have meditated long enough for now, give thanks to Soul and/or your higher self, God and the Creator for this opportunity. Consciously return to your present surroundings. Gently open your eyes. Stretch if you wish. Note how you feel. You may wish to write down or verbally record any unusual thoughts. This is also a good time to consider important decisions.   


Some of the side effects of meditation are calmness; inner peace; heightened awareness; improved memory; clearer vision, hearing, taste, smell, etc.; slowness to anger, ease in detecting truth, improved instincts and sleep, increasing mindfulness and shifts in perspectives, less effort required to make decisions and get things done; a general ease; and increased intuitive promptings. Remember, however, the truth may be hazardous to our perceptions of reality, so be prepared to make revisions.

We may also be more aware of messages from the body. For those of us who suffer pain, it may be the primary signal because it's the only one to which we pay attention. Meditation will change this,  

Long term effects include a slower metabolism, as we are more relaxed in general. We are more likely, consciously or not, to select foods more in harmony with the body, to be less inclined to eat junk, and find, after a while, that we feel better.


Intuitive decision making

We may also find it easier to carry out decisions we make and reach goals we set during or immediately following meditation. For example, if we decide on a certain course of action, we may find ourselves automatically doing whatever is necessary to carry it out.


For instance, suppose we decide we wish to weigh 150 lbs although now weighing 200 lbs. We may unconsciously change our behavior so that we begin to lose weight, such as eating before we feel hungry, drinking more and purer water, buying and eating fresh fruits and vegetables, reading package ingredients, and deciding we really don't like a certain food, etc. In the process, we may also find we are dealing with issues, which, in retrospect, we realize may have contributed to our current physical condition. Because we made a decision, things are set in motion to achieve our goal.


In another instance, we may decide we wish to work in a new field. Then, we learn of a preparatory course, at a cost we can afford, and at a time we can make. We enjoy the challenge, working at and mastering the material. As the course is nearly finished, we hear of an entry level opening, apply for it, and, because of our successful training, are offered the position. Because we accepted the opportunities in accord with our decision, we are successful.


There is, however, one possible drawback in making a decision this way. That is, if we change our mind along the way, we must do so in the same manner, at the same energy level, as when we made the original decision. Otherwise, we may continue to do whatever is necessary to carry out the first decision even though we now wish to change direction.



Another effect of meditation is the healing of the physical and etheric bodies, whether we consciously intend this or not. The alignment of the spinal column and the chakras improves the flow of energy in through our crown chakra, through the body chakras and out our feet into the Earth, grounding us by connecting us with Earth's core, then moving back up through the body and out the crown chakra to our highest chakra, completing an infinite circuit. This causes exchanges of energy on multiple levels and results in the repair on all levels of the body. For example, an injury to the lower back and spinal cord, left untreated can result in serious dysfunction of internal organs. Meditation may prevent and/or heal this.

In general, we become more aware that we are spiritual beings inhabiting physical bodies which we need to care for. So we may find ourselves walking up and down stairs more, using the stairs instead of elevators, taking enjoyable walks, eating less to offset our slower metabolism and eating better.

It is common to look for healing from outside self, yet all healing takes place within. And we must heal self before we can help another.


The physical body.

We need to take care of our bodies in order to function well and fulfill our destiny.

SAD is an unfortunate acronym for the Standard American Diet. Many are borderline diabetic because they are obese. Some are changing their diets by eliminating processed [dead] foods and eating more natural, wholesome foods. Organically grown food is better for most bodies because the soil in which it is grown is naturally enriched with mulch and rotation of the food grown. Commercial farming methods using chemical fertilizers replace only some of the nutrients required by plants. Necessary trace elements, required to make certain molecules essential to a particular food benefiting the body are missing from commercial fertilizers. E.g., sulfur, required in the synthesizing of glutathione, an essential amino acid, is not included. Crops are not usually rotated, so the soil has little chance to replenish its nutrients. This is why "organic" food may taste better and we may feel better eating it.

Natural fertilizers replenish the soil. Rotating crops permits land to rest. Giving thanks to Earth for the bounty we receive acknowledges our relationship with the plants we eat and the Earth.

Genetically modified food [GMO] may contain pesticides, fungicides and other things harmful to living organisms. It is common sense to think these may not agree with human bodies since they don't agree with some insects and other organisms.

Foods that are allowed to ripen before being harvested are also better for us because of the chemical changes which take place in the ripening process. Ripening also increases the amount of molecules which give foods their beautiful colors. The reds of berries, tomatoes and watermelon are molecules which our RNA uses to repair our DNA, thereby maintaining our cells. In addition to glutathione, tomatoes supply us with lutein and lycopene, The orange of carrots, oranges, and pumpkin provides beta carotene. Green fruits and vegetables, such as honeydew, limes, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and watercress give us chlorophyll which is similar to the hemoglobin in our red blood cells.


Delaying food processing until just before it is eaten is usually beneficial because the ingredients begin to break down as soon as food is separated from the plant and this is accelerated by processing. If there is a significant time lag between processing and eating, much of the nutritional value, i.e., the energy may be lost. Also, processing often removes essential nutrients and may add harmful substances to food. Cooking, cutting, shredding, etc., are all forms of processing.

 Individuality versus oneness.

We know we are individuals, each with our own bodies, our own thoughts, likes and dislikes. So, how can we be one with all that is?

It is in knowing ourselves to be ourselves that we come to more easily recognize each other, to know and appreciate our self and others more fully. As we come to know the parts of our self better and see how they work together, we are more aware of the union within our self. As we experience and understand our own emotional and physical tribulations, we realize what others may go through. So too, as we become more aware of our connections with each other, we see our self in others. We see the different contributions each of us makes which shows us that everything does not begin and end with us. We are all part of a Grand Design, each with our own role to play. Our individuality enables each of us to uniquely contribute to this Grand Design, fulfilling our purpose and helping others fulfill theirs. As we appreciate our own individuality more and more, we better recognize the individuality of others, to see others as they truly are, to honor and respect individual differences. And we become more balanced, knowing we are all equal, with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

 Stumbling blocks into stepping stones

Seeing individuality as an obstacle to oneness is a stumbling block. We first see ourselves in each other by noticing our likes and dislikes, then by our commonalities and differences. It is in recognizing our differences which enables us to see each other as we are. We are all complimentary parts of the Creator. Therefore, as parts of the Creator we are one with each other. Separation is but an illusion.


Illusion busting

Removal of the veils of illusion created by self and others leads to awareness. Awareness is being awake.

One night, driving home in the wee hours of the morning, after miles of thought, I came to the decision that my beloved could love me, or not, as he would, a simple decision.  There was total and absolute silence.  Every single illusion had been broken, as though sliced with a sword, right through the middle. The silence was finally broken by a voice screeching "Now you did it,” screech, screech. Ego had found its voice. "Ah, shut up." said I and we all set to work repairing the busted illusions. All except one: that it is real.

God self said the decision was OK, although a bit early [by at least a year] and some later tweaking was needed.

These illusions were part of a process I was going through in order to be healed of a life long condition which was itself an illusion, disguised as reality. Illusions cease when the emotional attachment is released, freeing the Spirit to be itself. Accepting one illusion leaves us open to the negative effects of others.


The ARE is the Association for Research and Enlightenment, founded by Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet", in Virginia Beach, VA, and continued by his family and friends. It's library has the world's second largest collection of esoteric works. Edgar Cayce was called the Sleeping Prophet because he would enter a self induced trance and, usually led by his wife, he would "read" individuals, identifying health and other issues and answer questions. These readings are available to the public for study.  


Forgiveness leads to unconditional love. As we forgive ourselves, we let go of anger. We forgive our brother, our sister. We forgive all whose actions we have allowed to cause us pain. We let go of pain. With forgiveness comes peacefulness. To have peace, we must be full of peace. Peaceful. We feel gratitude. We are grateful. In peace and thankfulness, we love. 


To love another is to desire that he/she fulfills his/her destiny to the best of his/her ability as he/she chooses.

One cannot make choices for the beloved, however much it pains us to see what the beloved has chosen. First of all, we do not know the true purpose and destiny of ourselves, let alone another. Secondly, only we can make our decisions and only we answer for them. We cannot give away our decision making power to another, nor interfere with another's decisions. If we truly love others, we respect their right to make their own decisions and wish them success in their endeavors without regard to our own interests.

It is only in service to others that we can truly help ourselves. Only in working together will we repair and renew our world. Leaders cannot institute change. They only suggest it and show the way. We, as individuals, have to decide to commit to changing our own lives. Each of us must decide that we have had enough of war, enough of corruption, enough of living in debt, enough of ignoring those who go to bed hungry, enough of thinking of only ourselves and close family members. And it is up to us to decide what is truly beneficial to us all and what is useful to only a few while detrimental to others. 

Nothing is worth having if it relies on violence. War does not protect the homeland. Waging war violates peace. Fighting is not the way of peace. Accepting the inferiority of one group diminishes all.  The way to have peace is to BE peaceful.  One of the greatest dangers to true independence is fiscal dependence when money becomes more important than self respect, personal responsibility and integrity.

It has taken many generations for humans to reach this point. Change does not occur overnight, although in some instances it may seem to. We must work on ourselves, for the easiest way to change another, is to change our self. And we must believe we can change. We can, however, only change that for which we have responsibility.  Life is as in Tolkien's Lord of the Ring trilogy. We have a common enemy which must be neutralized by group action. However, individual actions and commitment are also needed, as well as the actions of small groups of people working together, each working on what we are responsible for, working for the common good. Once those who wish to control others are no longer with us, we must continue to work together for the good of us all. Working together while they are still with us is even better. We can send healing energy to Earth and others, to transform water, to stabilize the weather, etc. And the spiritual quest for enlightenment is a group effort. As the great changes occur, we must stay in the eye of the storm by letting go of anger and fear. Fear gives a life without meaning. All fear is centered in the mind. The God connection, however, is in the heart. Center in the heart. Reconnect to Earth.   "Consciousness exists on many levels; the most basic is channeled through love." 

from  "And Then God Said … Then I Said … Then He Said. Vl II, p. 128  "By doing nothing you are doing everything" -- God


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